Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the good folks at Pokerstars for having me as the featured post of the day yesterday. I also want to thank all the different comments that came in on yesterday's post about HUD's.

It's definitely one of those subjects that has two sides to it. As I stated yesterday, I think HUD's should be banned from poker sites as I feel they give an unfair advantage to those who use them and it gets away from the natural spirit of the game.

However, as others pointed out yesterday, how do you ban them? Is it wrong that a program has been designed to put together notes on all players when all theoretically have the capability to do that? Why shouldn't people have access to that information, particularly if they're just starting out and playing at a disadvantage due to lack of experience?

All good questions and certainly up for debate, but I'm old-school and stubborn, so you'll never get me to think differently.

Not much from me today since I haven't had a chance to play in several days. Don't you just hate it when your day job actually gets in the way of things? Man, responsibility and adulthood sucks sometimes...LOL

I'm itching to get back to the tables though. I know, some people are asking: "Instead of blogging, why don't you go to the tables for a few minutes?" I just can't do that. For me, if I sit down for a session, it's going to be at least an hour and my longest was 10 hours. How guys can do it for 15-20 plus hours a day constantly is beyond me, but hey, if they can do it, more power to them.

I'm also going to check out my first ever Pokerstars live training session either later today or later on this week. I'm curious to see how they work, how interactive they are and how well they can help a person's game. It's great to see more and more training content for players being put online these days.

When I picked up my first poker book as a kid, the internet was just starting to build momentum and the kind of access that we have to information now would have been laughed at as craziness. So I had to learn about poker the old-fashioned way by playing live with friends and family and reading books from guys like Phil Hellmuth.

Enough talk about how old-school, old-fashioned or just plain old I am...good luck at the tables today!