I was chatting with a fellow online poker player this morning about the use of HUD's in cash games. He said that he liked to prey on the opponents that showed weak numbers and tried to isolate them one-on-one in hands throughout the session in order build a consistent profit day after day. I'm curious to know if it's working for him or not, but I don't know him well enough to come out and just flat ask him, "So, you making money every day?" LOL

The reason the topic started was because he wrote about a hand in which he tried to isolate "the fish" and then was encountered with a scenario in which his target actually had flopped big with a q-high flush. Oh, the horror!

What I wrote back to him was pretty simple: You had too much focus on one opponent because of the HUD statistics and it's what you choose to do with that information that allows you to be a consistent player.

Now, if it were up to me, I would ban all HUD's from being allowed to be in use. Two big reasons for me:

1) Not everyone is aware or even comfortable with downloading the software, plus not everyone has the capability to purchase the software. I understand that there are free ones and even the paid ones are relatively inexpensive, but it doesn't mean that everyone is comfortable with downloading the software or has the disposable income to do so.

2) The true spirit of the game forces players to gather information on their own through their experience and possible note-taking. Maybe it's because I'm more an old-school kind of guy who grew up playing more live than online, but I've never liked even having that info at my fingertips. It would be like going to your local casino to play a cash game, but before you sit down at the table, you have to have your buy-in and HUD statistics available for everyone to have access to, and in turn, they all give you copies of their updated HUD statistics.

I know, I know, I'm being a little ridiculous with that last example, but I get carried away sometimes.

Anyways, what do you think about HUD's? Do you use them during your sessions? Have you had success with them? Has the information you've viewed clouded your judgment and made you make losing plays that you wouldn't have otherwise made? Am I asking too many questions?

Love to hear what you all think of the subject...good luck at the tables today!