Just a disastrous day at the tables today as nothing I did seem to go my way. It was one of those days where I always felt like I had to struggle just to keep my head above my water, and then eventually would run out of energy and end up drowning. At the beginning of the day, I had lost around 40 big bets, but managed to go on a nice heater and end my morning session up about 12 big bets.

I really should have just called it a day, but I decided to go back for an afternoon session and that's where everything went badly. My big hands wouldn't hold up, my draws wouldn't come in, my winning hands would turn into losing hands on the turn/river. Really, anything I did just wasn't going my way and I ended up being down 60 big bets for the day.

I know variance is going to be a big part of poker and that riding the swings is one of the hardest parts of the game, but it's always hard to come back to the tables after a day like today. I always have to tell myself a couple of things:

1) I'm not playing to make a living and I have to keep remembering that I'm playing to have fun, relax and give myself a distraction from my everyday life.

- Admittedly, this can become difficult for me when things aren't going my way. The biggest leak in my game by far is my temper and I've been working on trying to improve on that ever since I started playing.

2) Time is infinite, so looking at my play in terms of these 1-2 hour sessions is not necessarily the best way of looking at things.

- Again, hard to remember after a losing day, but it makes it easier when I can look at myself in the mirror and honestly say to myself that I've been a winning player throughout my lifetime either playing live or online.

Maybe the questions that I'll pose to anyone that takes the time and read is:

What do you do in order to get over a losing day? Is there anything you do that help with the disappointment of losing a big hand or having a losing session?

I'm honest enough with myself to say that my emotions can get the best of me in life either at the tables or away from them, but it's something that I constantly work on. But I'm always looking for ideas.