After starting to play online poker in October 2011, it's time to look at what i'm aiming to achieve.  I've experimented with a number of different forms of micro play, from cash to large MTTs.  I've settled on standard speed SNGs (45man 25c to start) and will avoid Turbo and Hyper as my results in these speeds are much weaker.

45 man 25c results so far: ZNbfxhpcT4S5aBwZMmHF1nHv93tu*od4eDzdkyC2NC/graph15012012.JPG

I'm happy with the results, although I'm now in a mini slump, I think I've still played OK and eventhough as my posts in the hand analysis forum suggest I've made mistakes, I've also had not a lot of coin flips go my way. Being a little frustrated with this, I'm happy to sit back and work on my game through reading and watching some of the PSO training videos for a while to take my mind off this.

My aim with the 25c games is to build my profit to $50 before taking a shot at $1 45 man games and dropping back to the 25c if I drop back under $25 profit.