I am predominantly a tournament player.  Since I have started at the PSO, I have made a positive impact on my bankroll playing mostly sit and go and MTT.  But now, I am switching over to cash games.

After making my way through the PSO quizzes and deciding to take playing poker seriously, I embarked on a quest to master the SNG tournaments. I did pretty poor on the standard single table SNG, so I switched to Double or Nothing.  When PS got rid of the DoN in favor of fifty50, I switched to that too.  While I did very well at DoN, I was struggling to break even with fifty50.  One of my prevous blogs dealt with some of my woes there.

So I was looking around for another consistant way to grow my bankroll.  At the same time, I have been attending the live training sessions (thanks Dave!) and reading other poker materials.  There were lots of helpful tips and concepts about playing deep stacked, something I almost never get to do in the SNG.  That led me to try my luck at the Cash Game Tables.

I  don't have much of a bankroll, and using decent bankroll management only allowed me to sit at a couple of 2nl cash tables.  However, I started very strong, which no doubt helped my confidence.  After day 1 I was up $2.89 and after day 2 I was up a total of $5.09.  I was avoiding the losses and Stacking up when I got monsters.  I will freely admit I was getting hit with the deck here, as my AA,KK,QQ,AK rate was about 3.1%

Fortuitously, I was also able to get a free trial of Table Ninja, and started adding more tables.  I struggled a little at first as my upswing came down and the variance caught up. I went for about 1000 hands where I only broke even.  But it got much better after that, and I have been coming out ahead of nearly every session I have played.

Total hands: 4277
Total winnings: $26.51
BB / 100: 30.99
$ / hour:   $0.83

Now only around 4000 hands is not a great sample size, so I fully expect my bb / 100 to drop.  I will probably post again when I get some statistically significant numbers to share.

I actually have been enjoying the 2nl.  There are plenty of players who are very easy to exploit and commit themselves with only marginal hands.  My last session, I played 7 tables, got stacked twice early (one time set of Kings got beat by flush, ouch).  But I continued to double up against some of the weaker players who called me down with some really questionable hands. Had a good one where I had AA vs KK.  Now, I'm not saying he played his K wrong, but I am a tight player and when I 5 bet preflop, that should probably be sending down alarm bells to someone holding KK.

Other good news as the poker gods have been smiling on me, I bubbled one of the swarm the storm PSO satellites and I will be playing in the Sunday Storm 1M this weekend.  I'm pretty excited about that!