I was going to make a comment on another blog, and it kind of turned into a post in and of itself. The topic is people who register, than sit out the PSO skill league.

This is an issue I have definitely noticed and given some thought.  I noticed that sitters don't get blinded out until about mid way through the second hour, give or take.  A couple of times, I have been taken out in positive points and there are still sitters at the table.

This is possible because of how the league game is played.  Many players use all the clock and take their time every hand, this reduces the number of overall hands played and thus reduces the number of blind orbits the sitters face.  Additionally, while many people play the PSO very tight to grind points, there are a lot of "Donks" or bingo players that go out early.  Usually around half the field is out within the first hour, this is very loose and it helps the sitters get to a higher finishing position.

Sitting out is a legitimate strategy.  Usually it is the fault of the tournament for being too loose (or in this case, too slow) when the sitters actually have benefit to sitting out.  However, here is why you should not sit out: The more points you get the less points you make.  If you go out around 400 - 500 every tourney, you will see positive points at first, then those decrease until you are seeing 0 or negative for the same place finish.  You also gain no experience when sitting out, and that is part of the point of the skill league, to improve your game.

Anothers strategy that I have seen people do, is to just sit out the first hour.  Wait until you are short stacked, but still have some chips worth playing for.  You run somewhat deep in the tournament by this point, then find a hand, come to life, and push.  This might be a more legitimate strategy.  You are looking to double up, but you should still have enough chips left, that doubling gives you some breathing room to play with and lets you get much deeper in the tournament.

If you just register to every tournament, and sit out, how many points do you get?  I would actually like to know this.  If someone has done this, can you comment?

Personally, I will not ever employ the sitting out strategies.  I have made the money several times and final tabled one of the skill games only by actively playing.  You need to be patient and pick good spots, but you get no spots at all if you are sitting out.