I have had a recent run of bad luck, but not in poker.  It started at work.  My favorite place to check PSO, look at the standings, read some blogs, check out the forum... Then suddenly, blocked.  Apparently they decided that a website called "Poker School Online" was not work related, so they blocked access to it.

That was unfortunate, but then, my laptop...  I love to duel screen my laptop, and it helps with multi-tabling.  But now, my VGA port crapped out.  I tried different cables, different monitors.  It all works with other peoples' laptops. but not mine.  Trying to get it fixed is cost prohibitive, so I am left with just my laptop screen until I upgrade to an entirely new computer.

Of course, my luck is down accross the board.  My bankroll has been on a slight decline as I keep missing the flops, loosing the coin flips, and even loosing hands where I am dominating (I just lost JJ vs AJ).

So, frustrated as I am, I have been taking the week from my regular schedule.  I have been playing around with 27 triple draw and HORSE.  Turns out I am pretty good at razz, at least in terms of the field in the astronomer HORSE freeroll :wink: .  I figure I will have some fun, get off tilt, then hopefully start winning again.