Well... probably not my first downswing ever, but it is the first time I have had one and have been playing consistantly enough to notice it.  For the first time in my poker career, I have been reliably making money (Thanks PSO).  I increased my bankroll about 50% over the past 2-3 weeks.  At least, until this weekend.  I now know exactly how frustrating just a couple of days of downswing can be, and I really hope it does not last much longer.

I was winning fairly steadily.  I have been playing the $1.15 Double or Nothing SNG and had a win rate of about 75%.  I took a shot at some PSO tournaments: My first one this month finished at 64/1400 ish.  Next one made it to positive points just by grinding.  The poker gods must have noticed that I was getting confident.

It started this weeked.  I just stopped getting good cards.  Any hand I did raise preflop with completely missed the flop, and then my oponent opens for a pot size bet, or reraises my cbet.  AA cracked by JJ, KK cracked by A2, AKs cracked by T9s, AKs cracked by AQs.  Even my monsters got nerfed.

Suddenly I have lost 4 DoN in a row which is not easy to come back from; you need a really high win percentage to profit a DoN.  I now will have to win 6 in a row just to get back to where I was.  I got in a PSO tourney and bet really strong with TPTK to force out donks.  Did not work, donk called me all in on the turn with only a gutshot.  Of course he would hit the river, and I was out within the first 100 players eliminated.

I know what everyone says about surviving a downswing.  I am trying really hard not to lose confidence or change the way I am playing.  I am going to stop playing my DoN and maybe do some .25 SNG or some freeroll tournaments.  I might take a shot at the PSO, but I really do not want to lose any more points, so I may just stick with Facebook and Astronomer.

P.S.  If I do recover, I will probably follow with a blog post about my experience with the micro DoN, including my statistics and some of my strategies for winning.  Even with the downswing my win rate is still 70%.  So look for that if you are interested...