Over the past month, I lost about 1/4th my roll trying to win at 1 table micro SNG.  I wanted to make sure I played a large enough sampe size to account for downswings and a learning curve.  But when I did make the money, I usually finished out in 3rd place, so I was not making enough back to break even with my other losses.

I identified several leaks including some big ones in my bubble play.  I really wanted to keep playing and try to fix these issues, but my bankroll had taken a hit, and I wanted to be practicing good bankroll management.  Thus I decided to try my luck with the 1.15 Double or Nothing SNG: 10 players, 5 make the money.

I guessed correctly that this would lead to tighter play.  That and with the fact that I was usually finishing the 9 player SNGs in 3rd or 4th place led me to conclude that I had a pretty good shot at doing well.  I was delighted to be correct.

I have played almost 25 DoN games over the past few days.  My win percentage is above 70% and rising.  I have won back almost half of what I have lost at the regular SNGs.  The only downside is that it takes quite a few wins to make anything back.

Another great takeaway, in addition to rebuilding my roll, is that I feel that my shortstacked bubble play has greatly improved.  I am doing much better stealing blinds and picking my spots.  So I will continue to play these DoN, especially as I am winning.  It feels really good to finally have a reliable way to build my bankroll.