For the past several years, I have played poker pretty casually, occasionally finishing ITM in MTT and breaking even over the past year.  I have never had to reload my bankroll.

But I want to improve my game, so I went through the PSO training courses, and tried my luck at micro SNG.  I did not do so well.  The few times I made the money, it was mostly 3rd place and I lost about $10. Now I am left with only 20 buy ins left, and I have not been doing well enough to keep playing at these stakes.

So i decided to try out the Double or Nothing games.  They are very tight, which suits my playing style, plus finishing ITM in a DoN wins more than finishing 3rd in a 1 table SNG, I figured it might be a good way to build my bankroll back up.

I started out well, faltered a bit, then finished pretty well in my first 2 days of DoN.  I played 9 games and won 5.  Not enough to show a profit (I am down 35c), but since I am still learning the DoN specific strategies, I am pretty happy.  2 of my losses I made mistakes that show me where I can improve.  The other 2 were pretty close and I can just chalk them up to variance. 

I did get really lucky one game, with 6 players left I pushed with JJ and got called by AA.  But I hit my Jack and made the money.  So a little variance back in my favor as well.  I am goign to start playing 2 or more at a time tonight.  Hopefully by tomorrow I will have shown some profit, and by the end of the week I will start to have rebuilt my bankroll.

I want to use the Double or Nothing to have a slightly safer chance of building my bankroll, and then I can go back to the 1 table standard format.  My end goal is still the same, to get better at the micro stakes SNG and maybe even bump up to a higher buy in level.  But I can't do that if I go broke and apparantly, learning is going to cost me.