After reviewing the material on this site, I decided to try my hand with micro stakes 1 table sit and go tournaments.  I got off to a rocky start, but then I saw improvment and I made my goal to break even after 20 games.  I thought that this was possible, but then everything went horribly wrong.

I caught a huge downswing and finished out of the money in 6 games in a row.  On the bright side, I believe I may have found a severe leak in my game, so that at least gives me some hope for the future.

After 20 games, I lost $10.50.  A good portion of that in the last few games.  I lost 6 in a row and finally made an ITM finish on the last game out of 20, but then I got blinded out when the blinds increased to 300/600 and I was not playing quite aggressive enough.

However, I found a leak in my game.  In my past 7 losses, 5 have been on the bubble.  I am sure that I can improve my bubble play.  Some of those losses, I was short stacked and in blind trouble and had to push some mediocre hands.  But other times I played too aggressively against bigger stacaks, when I should have played super tight to make it to the money.

One thing I noticed going over my hand histories, is that I made the same mistake twice while on the big blind in the bubble.  Both times the small blind called and then I pushed a semi-decent hand, hoping to take the blind.  But I got called. Sometimes I was beat, sometimes I was ahead and the villian hit the flop, but either way, those were not really hands I wanted to go to showdown with.  I need to remember that if someone limps, stealing the blinds is not an option on the bubble, just check it.

I am going to start my next 20 games with the same goal as the first, to break even over those games. If I don't lose any more of my bankroll while clearly improving my poker skills I will feel very good about my progress.