So I made the bubble in a 1 table micro sit and go.  I was short stacked (which seems to be the case for me more often than not), and getting into blind trouble.  Blinds were 75/150 and I was under 1000 chips.

So my strategy is to tighten up, but not be afraid to push as the small stack with a decent hand.  I recognize that I probably will need to double up to make the money unless someone else really screws up.  It almost happened, 1 player went all in against the big stack, but ended up doubling up instead of being eliminated. Darn, that would have been too easy.

The blinds go around and I have not caught a hand I feel comfortable pushing.  My chip stack continues to dissapear.  Then in the big blind with only 2-4 BB remaining, I get KQ hearts.  There are 2 callers and I push; both call my all in.  I know here that I really need to get lucky, but I figure that KQs is the best I can hope to see before I blind away.

Flop: AJT
Wow.  I could not have asked for a better flop, unless it was all hearts

The other 2 players bet and call, turn is a 9.  Rainbow so no flush possibilities, and the chance for a weaker straight does not bother me.  One player bets and the other calls, pretty small betting amounts. The river shows an Ace.

Now I am this close to tripling up in the bubble.  I can taste it.  Please do not let him have caught a full house.  We turn over, and the first player shows TT.  Crap.  Another bubble elimination.

KQs  vs  TT
board: AJT9A