One week ago, I decided to try out the micro 1 table sit and go tournaments after reading the SNG course here at PSO.  I was not really expecting all that much to start with, but I was definitely hoping to improve my game, maybe start making some profit.  My goal is to break even after my first 20 SNGs.  For now, I am following a couple of standard rules: Stop when I loose, keep playing when I win.  Only one table at a time, with my full concentration, etc.

After 1 week, I played 14 games.  With the top 3 places paid, I finished 3rd 5 times and 2nd once.  (that is an ROI of -30.36%).  Although that is not a great start, most of my money finishes have come in the last 8 games, with a profit of 30 cents.

Right now I am down $5.10, with 6 games left to play in my first 20.  So I need to average $0.90 ish per game to make my goal.  I think that is doable.  I have already recognized some improvements that I can make.  Take just last game.  I was in the bubble with the second highest chip stack.  I was big blind and everyone folded except the small blind who called.  The small blind had only a few hundred chips less than me.  I had QT, and I figured the small blind call was weak, so I pushed him, hoping to steal the blinds.  Turned out he had AJ.  I can only blame myself here.  I should have checked, his blind was not worth it anyway.  I was trying to be aggressive, but on the bubble that was a mistake. I also made a bad read, so I need to do a better job of paying attention to how the other players were playing.

My guess is that I will finish my first 20 games in the next couple of days, and I can go from there.  I am hoping that I will break even, but even if I do not, I think I have already made some progress on my game, and can continue improving until I actually turn a profit.  Once I am a little more comfortable, I will start to multi-table and then maybe move up to the next buy in level.