... but I only played one, so really not all that good.  I have been pretty busy with work and family the last couple of days.  I finally got to play a sit and go yesterday, I came in 4th, 1 out of the money, and I followed my self imposed rule of stopping once I lose.  Even if it was only one game.

I played ok, but I had a hard time getting any good hands.  I think it was just a run of bad luck, but for the whole tournament, some 96 hands seen, the best I ever caught was probably a category 6 (using the starting hand categories from the SNG Course).

I did have one interesting hand.  I checked in on the big blind with J7o and 2 other players.  The flop was AJ7.  I was a big fan of this flop, and bet the pot.  One person called, one folded.  Then the turn was a K.  there were 2 spades on the board, so the possibility of a flush draw.  I was not too worried about him having 2 pair because with no preflop raise, I doubt he had AK.  K7 would have folded (based on how he was playing) and a A7 would have reraised. 

The hand that did worry me was QT.  I hoped he would not have called on the gutshot straight draw, so I pushed (I was pot commited at this time).  He calls, and sure enough, QT.  I was able to rebuild some of my chip stack, but I was not able to survive the bubble as the small stack. 

I don't feel too bad about my play.  I considered the possiblility he had the straight and decided that he did not.  Bad read, but this is supposed to be a learning experience, so I perservere.

I now have 11 games left for my goal of breaking even after 20 and I am one loss farther behind.  I'm in no hurry, because I have come to recognize that when I start to get emotional, my play gets really bad.  So now I stop for the day once I lose, and keep playing if I am winning.