At the start of this week, I began playing micro Sit and Go 9 player tourneys.  After 6 games I only had 1 money finish and that was in 3rd place. I was starting to worry and considered backing off for a while. But my luck turned around yesterday.

I only played in two sit and go tournaments (and one PSO skill game).  But I finished 3rd place both times.  With two money finshes in a row, I am starting to feel a little better about improving my game.  I had a great time too because both games went really well, the players were fun, no one was playing really bad poker, and they were good tight / strategic games.

My only possible point of concern now, is the fact that I have yet to finish better than 3rd, just barely in the money.  But I looked back at how I played and I am pretty satisfied.  In game one, I had A7 in position and pushed with the small stack, I got called by the big blind with AQ.  In game two, I had TT and pushed as the small stack.  I got called by 23s in the big blind.  He hit his A45.

In both cases I feel like I played well, even though I was eliminated.  A7 is a decent hand to play in position when I am the small stack, and in some pretty serious blind trouble.  And I will play TT against 23s any day that particular player wants a rematch. So as long as I feel like I did not play any hands particularly badly, I figure I should get a better finish pretty soon.

On that note, I made a new goal for myself: to break even or better after 20 games.  I have finished 8 games and am down $4.20, so I am already a little behind.  But if I keep getting money finishes and start placing better than 3rd, it should not be a problem.  (Some math behind the scenes: to break even I need to win $18.60 in the next 12 games - an average of $1.55 per game.)