So a little while ago I was playing 2 tournaments at the same time: one 2.20 and one freeroll. Within two hands of each other on both tables, I get Pocket Aces.

Tournament 1
I had AA in good position, one player before me limped, I bet 5x BB, he calls.  The flop comes up K T 2 rainbow.  He checks to me.  I push.  I never slowplay AA because I have been burned too many times, so I pushed while I was confident I had the best hand.  He calls with K6o.

So now I'm all excited thinking I will get doubled up and be sitting very well to finish strong in the money.  Then the turn  and river go K 3.  And I'm out.  I tried to think how I could have done that differently.  I could have pushed pre-flop, and with K6 he should have folded.  And then I would have just won the blinds.  But I had him after the flop.  So, whatever, luck is still a part of poker.

Tournament 2
I was just recently eliminated from tournament 1. Then I get delt Aces.  I was like, ok, I have to be able to make something out of this.  But I was still nervous because of what happened like 2 hands ago on the other tourney.  I was in fairly good shape chip wise, and I figured I should at least make something out of this had.  Maybe this time I push pre-flop.

Before It got to me, 1 person raised and another called.  I pushed, both called.  There was a sizable side bet and only one player had me covered, so I liked my chances.

I was up against KTs and A3s.  I sigh at how loose these players are for risking all / 80% of their stacks with only speculative hands. Then we get the cards:
K 3 T 6 3


I had to stop playing poker for the day... and the next day because I was definitely on tilt.  Stupid AA.