I have been playing poker online for a year or so now, on and off, mostly in my spare time.  I joined PSO to pick up some strategy tips.  So I decided that I would try my hand at sit and go tournaments.  So I set aside part of my bankroll and started playing $1.20 9 player games, using the strategies from this site.

I finished my first day... and the results were dissapointing, but it is a good learning experience. I played four 9-player sit and go tournaments.  I finished 5,4,3,4 respectively.

I am dissapointed that I only had one money finish, but analyzing my play, I am not too upset.  I only ever made one bad mistake (raised but got re-raised and should have just folded). In another game I had KK and after a re-raise, went all in pre-flop.  I got beat by AJo when the ace hit.  That left me with only 4BB left.  I ended up getting taken out in 4th place.

I will be playing more tonight, and hoping for more money finishes.  I feel like I have been playing decent, so tonight will be a good test to see how well I am actually doing.