At the beggining of the month I thought for sure I would run high on the Leader board and was doing well at the beggining of the week but as of tuesday or wednesday I have had my confidence and some of my enthusiasm gut wrenched from me. I have had every pivital allin in my tournaments with the best hand and best draws and EVERY ONE of them got miracled down with the most marginal of hands. Yea variance, blah blah. Being strong enough to lay down AA with top pair after the flop because your opponent has made it clear that he has a better drawing hand or spiked trips on a lower pair by betting to the point of probable pot commitedness isn't enough variance avoidance to maintain wins and be profitable? On the up side if I fishflop myself allin preflop when I am getting low in chips but still have enough to double and gain some comfort for a few rounds. I have noticed these fishflop hands that I usually go out on are hitting but it is for nothing if I stay in a hand because position says I can see it cheap 1010 with 4 other people going to the flop- the flop is 10, 9, J - it checks around so I min rasie to see where I stand and end up with 3 calls.. (ok?? o,O wtf... so I put one of them on a flush draw like mid suited connectors because of no raise preflop. I put another one on AK and it seemed reasonable to assume the last polayer is holding top pair and didn't push for the fear of getting called off on a draw with the table still 4handed.) turn comes out duece dud- no good to the flush and the action checks to me again? lol.... now I am pretty sure they are all working on draws and I am pretty sure if I go allin I am gonna get called by 1 of them because if anything he could be slow playing the str8 and there is a reasonable chance I might get called by 2 of them the other is on an open ended and flush draw but 1 of them should fold statisticly I think because of the lack of action. If they are all on draws then I am in real good shape to pressure them for around and over 1/2 their stack and pull it out of my ass even if I did get slow rolled by the str8. I'm allin. and they chipe each other allin? I HAVE BEEN TOOK WITH THE SLOWPLAY!!!! I think. you know that split second you see an opponents hand before the board card is dealt when your allin? This one was awesome. I see 1 hand Q5flshdrw, I see 2nd hand Q2os and think WTF but ok. smile starts on my face. i see third hand and its Q7deadsuit. my mind says "YES" DOMINATED ^ river card spikes about where the arrow is as I am saying it in my mind and its an 8? chop, chip sliding sounds and then a popup. THIS IS A FUKKIN NIGHTMARE I KNOW IT!!!!! i JUSTGOT CHOPPED 3WAYS this late in a tournament by cards I..... ok I'm calm now and have discover the flaw I made right there but I still don't 3 ways by 3 equally horrible hands to draw on and its hits.. seemed fishy as hell to me but if you play poker long enough you are gonna see some weird things happen, good and bad.