We all heard the story… a chip and a chair. But we believed it? Of course not, it wouldn’t be story if we believe it. We know, it’s technically possible, probably happened somewhere, sometime, after all since the beginning of time millions of poker tournaments had been played. But it’s only a story, like that story about that one guy who was down to 0.50 BB in a heads-up battle and he won, even though the villain had a stack almost 200 times bigger.
I’m sure Hollywood won’t be interested in a story about a micro-stakes grinder who won a 90 players $1.50 Sit&Go. So, I started this blog to tell you that story.
It all started with a fold, like most tournament starts. But let’s skip 450 hands later, our Hero is heads-up with Villain_2, their stacks are almost equal and this happens:


Oh, no! What to do now? Our hero will not make today’s challenge! Let’s just play our last chips and take a break.

Hooray! We have one big blind now and A5, maybe we can double-up again.

Yes, that doesn’t make any sense and in the next 4 hands I get 3 hands like the last one with villain letting me take the blinds for free.
And I came back to win the tournament in style:

I hope you enjoyed my story, I know I did.