So time and time again I find myself depositting more and mre onto poker sites, and the truly sad part of it all is that I know that I am better and have the intelligence to beat (without being too modest) probably around seventy or eighty percent of the people I come into contact with at the tables,,,

 I can, when I really want to prove to myself that I can do soemthing and and that I am indeed in possession of the skills it takes to do so, I can beat them all basically.    Now of course there are a few small factors that come into play, such as the cards, and dumb luck.  But for the most part, I can just play and make itr quite far just by playing with the bets. I find myself as I play more and more that It really matters not what cards I have in my hand.  Sure it's nice to have a couple of faces but I am getting to the point where I can take down a pot with a 2 4 offsuit if I want to.  

    Now sure I run into the odd player that really surprises me and straight up out plays meand my hat is off to them for the now, and, of course there are the extremely new to the game people that don't know when they should hold or fold and just out of pure luck end up taking me for my stack, but I guess that is part of the game.

 Now where was I going with all this again...???  

  oh yeah

  I need to learn a bit of patience I guess, In my game at least I cannot stress enough how I need to be more patient,  There is nothing that pees me off more than entering a 25 cent sit and go with 45 people and after an hour and a half there are sill 38 people left in the matchup!! what the heck is with that??? I can't be bothered to sit there and play that kind of crap out. I need a fater paced game and need the chips to be flying.

   Lately I have found that I am having more luck entering games that have a 3.30 buy in or even more, maybe I need to be sticking to such tables, but however rewarding, it gets expensive fast with a little bit of tilt. 

  If anyone has any insight into how to learn to have more patience, I'd love to hear it...