I am the next newest veteran amateur newbie professional there is or should be,               seems I know so much it seems I know nothing

I Build up my stacks all the time but can't seem to hold em   


So, whenever I enter pretty much ANY tournament, it seems that time and time again I find myself (if i'm not out the first or second hand) , I find myself build up a fairly decent sized stack of chips,.

I have a quick check to see where I stand so far , even though i'm trying to knock that off, and usually, I see I'm indeed in the single digits or tenth or twentieth places, or somewhere thereabouts, and this is great for me as I am very new to the game, to Pokerstars and very new to the idea of online poking, lol

But sure as tilt, never seems to fail, right around  the second or third break, somewhere deep in the tourney anyway, my still over averagely large sized...ahem,, stack, is sittin in front of me boasting the world, and then i blink my eyes twice, scratch my head and the next thing you know i'm seeing my final position and a thank you for playing message, and I'm left dissappointed in myself once again for making it so far just to have to start all over again.. That's alot of time and energy wasted albeit good practice...

Good practice, ... yeah! Like I self proclaimed up top there, I like to think myself the next and newest veteran amateur...or something like that.... I really didn't put much thought into that..   What I mean by that is that even though, as I have said, I am fairly new to the idea of this online poker business, I am more than ready to start being viewed as a force to be reckoned, I am fairley smeart guy, (well, except for spelling) and I fail to see any reason why a fairly smart guy such as myself shouldnt be finishing in the top fifteen percent of those tourneys, and making a few dollars here and there intead of always deposit, play, shrug it off as I lose, and then hit upo a few freerolls. It's lather rinse repeat, lather rinse r...   

I have made it to the end of a few tourneys, I have entered a small number of fpp tourneys and spent in total the 1fpp or at most 2fpp and made it to the last person standing, I have beaten some of the peoples on here I care not to have to face, I know as a matter of fact that there are more than a few people on here that wish they could meet me in person and It's not to shake my hand, lol .  I can see how I am maybe a tough opponent to face,,,in the early and into midway but I desperately need to pick up my end game, Need to manage my large stacks and ...Where Was I Going With All This Again...??? 

Oh yeah... THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TE TIME TOURNAMENTS, I am quite fortunate as to have stumbled upon this type of tourney,  It was, and is, as it seems, invented and in existence for me.  I enter the the event, (as usual) build up an alright stack of chips and take a risk or two near the end in hopes of doubling or tripling up and then its over and payout time.


Being such a seasoned gambler, I wish I wasn't (or didn't have to be) such a big fan or supporter of these types of tourneys but, sigh, seeing as how I am still so new to the game, until I learn to manage my stacks better, you just might be seeing me from time to time in the types of tourneys called time.