What does it take to win?  Good question, eh?
I have been a member of PSO since July and have seen highs and lows. I have experimented with several strategies and read countless articles. The main concept I have learned is what good players already know. It takes patience and discipline.
Patience enough to not play speculative hands out  of position and disciplined enough to be able to lay down monsters when you are beat.
Get to know your players, study them, take notes and do the homework.
I also like reading Doyle Brunson's SUper System, which has been a great help.
Although my rank this month does not reflect it, I am well equipped to start cashing good in the months to come.
Here is my suggestions:
Don't get involved in big pots early. Play small ball as they say for the first few levels. Just as the courses tell you; if u find yourself shortstacked, push all in with 12 bb or less. This is best done if your are first to enter the pot and ideally, you should be in late position with no action if front of you/
It is never really good to just check or call, you should be either raising or folding.
So, I am not telling you anything you may already know. Just remember this, with all the new players added monthly, the more your going to see crazy plays. Be sure to pick your spots carefully  and always play position well. Good luck!