Hi all

Just afew thousand vpps away from achieving supernova star status now.

Since my last post i really feel like my game has developed more than the previous year before it. I recently purchased a subscription to "Run it once" and some of the theory videos on there just made t so clear that i needed to be thinking about the game differently. (I love those breakthrough moments and cant wait for the next one)

Having jumped head first into 50nl and grinded the whole year with very little return (win rate of about .5 bb/100 3 months ago) it is a great relief that i now seem to be getting some return on my efforts, to date i have played just shy of 300k hands at 50nl fullring reg speed tables and i have managed to get my win rate for the year in that game up too 1.35bb/100 ev adjusted which while is still nothing major it is a much nicer feeling than being stuck around that break even line

Just afew months ago i switched to 6max zoom tables, and while that transition hasnt been all smooth sailing due to feeling alittle confused by the increase in aggression i have managed to get a grasp of things i believe and am most certainly running good which is pretty nice to do when transitioning to a new style of game, currently have a 60k hands sample with a ev adjusted win rate of just over 4 which would be an absolute dream to maintain for a several hundred thousand hand sample.

This month i will probably play about another 30k hands to get supernova and then i will be able to cash in all my fpps for the maximum cash bonus conversion rate which will be a great little bankroll bonus.


Thanks for reading

Dany Boy NZ