So its just over 2/3 of the way through the year and im just over 2/3 of the way throught my required points to be supernova at years end,

Im relativly happy about this but planning on picking up the volume of play quite abit in the next month or two so that im not playing through Xmas Time

to this point i have beaten 50nl over 250k~ for .5bb/100 hands so its not much but better than nothing. it certainly hasnt been a smooth accumulation of profits tho, my graph is the weirdest iv seen online with a spike up in febuary and then a steady decline since, at the start of this month tho i started talking to a professioanal tournament player who i met through my job at the casino and he has certainly helped me spot some major leaks in my game. 9 days since first getting some advice from him im either running good or the changes are having an enourmous effect but i have a feeling its a little of both, im up 12 buyins so far this month and i feel alot of them have come from picking up stacks in spots i previously would have  missed out on.


Although my cash games have been rather uneventful i have also been fourtunate enough to final table the hotter 16.5 just the other week and then win the hotter 1.1 this weekend just past, i would not have been playing in either of these tournaments if i hadnt been conversing so much with the tournament pro previously mentioned and so im feeling very lucky and thankful that my online bankroll is now approaching 5 figures especially when i think back to the fact it was at about 1k this time last year

This will give me plenty of room to accept downswings in my 50nl game with no fear of busting and when i get good enough, take shots at 100nl

i am hoping to crush 50nl untill the end of the year and hopfully end as a 2-4bb/100 winner for the year, wish me look



Dany Boy NZ