Hi all

Im still heading towards my goal of making supernova this year for the first time but i am also encountering some frustrations.

At the start of the year i thought a realistic goal was to make $1000 a month playing 25/50c, i figured if i could beat it at 5bb/100 for 40000 hands a month id hit my target but it turns out im not as good as id hoped. Iv had some interesting moments throughout the year so far and really feel like my game is improving at a rate unlike ever before but i am currently slightly above even for the year, my ev line on holdem manager does indicate that i should have won at about 1.5bb/100 over the 180000 hands played so far but ev doesnt build a bankroll unfortunatly. The main plus im taking from being even is that im managing to create enough of an edge to beat rake so thats a huge confidence boost.

i have switched up between trying to play 12+tables to sometimes just playing 6, its really tough to find a balance between playing enough to accumulate points towards supernova rapidly but playing few enough to concentrate on the game properly.

this month i am also planning on playing abit at 10/25c so that i can hopfully crush this stake and build my bankroll up at a faster rate while still trying to figure out how to beat the larger 50nl game at a decent rate.

I think aot of it comes down to disipline, im sure over the year so far i have had some nights where i have just blown stacks in unneccessary situations and i imagine iv done this to the total value of about $1000, so obviously there is room for improvment there. Those ill disiplined or frustration call, shoves or whatever really do add up quick and if i can fix this (probably by playing only when really keen) im sure i can beat 25/50c for atleast 3-4bb/100 eventually.

Neway thats my update, sorry if its abit of a spew onto the page but i like to put my thoughts down so i can review where i was at when i look back in afew months time.

Wish me luck

Dany Boy NZ