Hi all, just thought id put it out there that this year i am aiming to become supernova by years end, im viewing this year as a tester year on weather or not poker is a realistic proffession for me. in regards to VPPs im on track atm to reach supernova but its going to be tough to keep up such a high volume of play all year.

The games im playing are 25c/50c holdem tables, im playing afew tables at a time and after about 850000 hands im up 20 buyins, im still unsure if im good enough to be at these games and weather ill profit long term but im going to try my hardest regardless. I seem to have periods where i can feel im playing real well and putting pretty much all opponents on pretty accurate ranges and then i have other periods where i just call off bets i know im beat and struggle to figure out what even the fish have.

i think my main problem is i get tempted to play too many tables during my sessions and so i stop analysing opponents plays correctly and i just burn off money. either that or i just win big when there are alot of fish in the games i dont know its actually really hard to judge.

I figure ill just keep playing and if after 500k hands im up a resonable amount then ill take that as enough proof for myself that i should remain at this stake.

Thats all for now, ill post another update in another month or so probabaly or maybe after a big session.


Dany Boy NZ