Since learning to play poker on fulltilt 7 years ago when i was 15 iv come along way, iv managed to build my online bankroll up over the past 2 years from about 100 bucks to over 3000 and am now thinking its time to try and make some big bucks in the live games in a nearby city,i deal at the only casino in my city so im going to have to take a 7 hour bus trip to the next casino to take my shot at live games.

I played in these games about 3 weeks ago and it felt like i was playing 1/2c or 2/5c online, and what im meaning by that was the play was yuck, there were limpers all over the place who would call raises with any two suited cards and other junk and then play fit or fold on the flop.Aswell as the odd moment where i was just left thinking how did that guy lose that much with that hand?

I managed to grind out a $120 profit in these games after 5 hours at the table and didnt feel like i did anything more than just wait for hands, raise, cbet, add pot to stack.

Im hoping to go and play in 1/2 dollar games afew more times this year and see how i go, if the games continue to feel soft and i can make a decent profit then a weekly or fortnightly trip is somthing i am seriously considering for next year.

My hopes are that i will be able to average afew hundred bucks a night profit in these games and quickly build my live bankroll and confidence to a point where im comfortable moving up to the 2/5 dollar game that also runs at this casino, after that who knows, only time will tell but its certainly an exciting thought for me.

Ultimate goal, go pro