Hi all

So me and a friend just got back from a road trip to a nearby city (Christchurch NZ)to go play poker at the casino there.

I deal at the casino in my home city (Dunedin) so i cant play there due to employment laws so a 5 hour drive is what i have to endure if i want to play live games.

The session was fun, i ended up playing for 5 hours and ended up $120, i made afew mistakes so certainly cant claim to have played perfectly but fortunatly the play was weak enough that when i got a big hand i generally got payed off.

I started off just playing very tight like i do online and just punishing limpers and doing the standard raise pre, cbet the flop and take down the pot most of the time. The table was a $1/2 no limit holdem table

the first big pot that came up was a pot where i was big blind and 4 or 5 people limped then the small blind raised to $30 he only had $84 in his stack total. I looked down at QQ was seriously considering folding because so far this player had just played weak with no real aggression and with a bunch of terrible hands so this raise didnt seem like somthing he would do with anything other than KK,QQ and maybe JJ ( i think he wouldnt have raised so much with AA as he would feel safer but who knows i also thought AK was a small possibility but i coldnt get myself to fold QQ v 42bb stack and so i isolated him by raising to $84 which was his stack. it got folded round to him he called after alot of thinking and saying how he just doesnt think he can fold this hand and he had KK lol, i was suprised how long he took to call, he won and i was off to a bad start. I rebought to top my stack up for the next hand. (the reasoning behind not being able to let go of QQ i think had alot to do with the fact that in my first ever live casino session i opened in utg+2 to $12 in a 2/4 game and got shoved on by sb and the utg limoer who ended up showing down KQ and 77 after id folded that time, id figured there would be some disgusting plays in any future live games and QQ is no longer going to be folded easily preflop in live games)

The very next hand the pot gets limped around to the co who raises to $12 and is sitting about 170 deep i call and so do several others and the flop comes out 6A2 rainbow everyone checks to original raiser who cbets 14, i call and we go heads up to the turn after everyone else folds, turn comes a 8 and he bets 18, i called again and river came a 4 and i decided to just look like i was tilting and stick my stack in and the co called for like over $100 with just AK

There wernt alot of notable hands for the rest of my session untill a big pot came up about 4 hours into my session, for about the 6th or 7th time the player utg on my big blind decided to make it $7 before the cards were even dealt hes sitting over $400 deep and so am i, 2 players called this time and then i called the additional $5 in the big blind holding 24o, flop came out 632 with 2 hearts and the original raiser bet $13 the other two players folded and i decided i thought i was ahead, especially with the weak cbet and i had lots of outs if im not ahead . Turn came a 6c and he bet about $25, at this point i figure he can only be reping the 6 as a value bet as if he had anything else hed have to be worried i had a 6 so pretty much i thought if he has a 6 then thats unlucky but if he has anything else then he wont be able to fire on the river for value and there are alot of draws at the moment which if they miss he could try bluff the river with tons of the random hands he could have in his 100% preflop range, the river came 8c meaning no flushs got there and no straights either, i check to him and he quickly fires out $82, i was pretty sure i was ahead but dam its alot of money to me, ithought it over and it just didnt make sense for him to have anything that had me beat other than possibly a 6, fullhouse or floped straight, but its just sooo unlikly, i tryed to get a reaction by making up my call bet and dumying to put it out, he didnt really react but he did take a big swallow as i puled it back and at that point i called and he turned over AK soooo happy with that call but i think it was a bad bluff from him, he has AK and in his spot id check behind there as hes beating all draws but i was happy to take down the pot.

As far as play was concerned i think i played well for the most part except for afew early pots i played while still nervous as i dont get much live experience, i was pretty pissed off at the customer service at Christchurch Casino in New Zealand tho, i asked if i could move tables to a game which sounded like they were having way to much fun to be a tough game but my table was 7 seated and theirs was 8 seated so the pitboss told me i couldnt move to the empty seats as it would unbalance the tables,i realised this was a fair point and i asked if i could be first on the list for a move if an oppourtunity came up and he said sure. Then about 20 mins later 2 of the fish get up from my table and go sit in the empty seats, they didnt ask anyone they just moved when i complained about it it was clear the new pitboss couldnt care less that i had made my intentions clear infront of the whole table and they wernt moved back, when my table was 5 handed i soon left  and that left my table with 4 players and the main game with 10 players atleast 6 of whom were fish, i asked the pitboss to balance the tables so there would be 2 games running and so i could get in on the good game but all of a sudden he didnt want to balance tables as he "didnt want to break up the fulltable" and with that my trip to the casino was over.

Ill probably go back in a month or two or might just wait untill im up in auckland for a week around xmas to play, if youv read this far, thank you and i hope you enjoyed reading it


Dany Boy NZ