In recent times iv been playing in the bigger #.3 each week and thats pretty much been my only tournament each week, this week however i missed the 3.3 because i was out for dinner with a friend. When i got home i saw that the Bigger 16.50 was starting soon and i had a free ticket into this tournament which i have had for about a year and just never got around to using it.

I went in the 16.5 and early on i had some difficulties, i think i was over thinking my play and expecting the players to be so much better than in the 3 dollar buyins but id say the strength of play is pretty much identicle. At one point i was down to 15bb at the 50-100 level and fortunatly i managed to grind my way back up to a healthy stack and battle my way through the tournament.

As we neared the final table i was sitting between 8-12th place for ages and was getting paranoid id miss the final table, fortunatly i managed to pick up aces blind on blind and trap the big blind into bluffing me and doubling me up ,he was a supernova player so it felt pretty cool to trap such an experienced player at such a crucial stage of the tournament. That double up meant i went to the final table in the top 3 and was feeling confident and this showed in my play.

As we eliminated afew players my chip stack went up to 1.6m out of 5-6 mill total chips and i was feeling superconfident. Then everything went downhill when we reached 6 players, it felt like we spent about 2 hours 6 handed and my stack went as low as 400k in this time, i managed to get back up to 800k playing patiently and just stealing afew blinds here and there.

Then we had a break and i decided it was time to start taking afew risks and accumulating chips to try and win this tournament, it was probably playing on my mind that when i had final tabled afew weeks ago i hadnt played to win and had cruised into 4th place in the bigger 3.3 and not given myself a real shot at the big prize. When i thought about the type of risks id be happy to take i decided that if i could shove in a situation where if im called we were in a flip then id be happy to do it (i was imagining situations on the flop where maybe i have a pair and a flush draw or some combo draw) what ended up happening was a player who had been playing tight utg min raised too 70k utg+1 called and i shoved for 800k with 200k in the pot for me to pick up if they folded. It was a brain fart moment and i regreted it even before utg called with jj. the flop came 5J2, turn came a 5 and river came a 9 giving me a lower full house to leave the tournament. The way the board ran out means i may still have busted even if id just called as id likly call the flop cbet and hed likly slow play the turn when he picked up a fullhouse and then with my fullhouse on the river i could have busted.

Stupid move tho and it sent me out in 6th for about $1050 which is my first 4 figure cash but i really should have been on for atleast 3rd place of $2555, but on to th next one i guess, and ill have to make sure i learn from this the next time im at a final table.

Cheers for reading

Dany Boy NZ