My last post was about my 4th place finish in the Bigger $3.3 just last week, after being pretty happy with my 700 dollar cash i went back to work that week, dealt some blackjack and even got my first exerience dealing poker (both tournament format and ring games) so it was a good exciting week overall but not filled with any poker playing,

Then The Bigger 3.3 came around in the weekend and i decided to take another shot, again i played the best i could making some good shoves,calls, folds and the odd thin value bet and it just seemed like i was going to run deep again, We got down to about the final 100 players and a great spot came up for me and allowed me to amass tons of chips with ease, heres the hand.

i couldnt have asked for a nicer flop and was just stoaked to get value from it.

After that hand i was sitting amongst the very top few staks and thought i would surly make a good run for the final table. My run continued but my play worsened as we got down to 3 tables, al though i held my own for the most part there was one point where i won a nice pot KK>99 and was up to 800k and then the very next hand i was in the button and the cuttoff raised to 40004 with about 500k total chips when blinds were 10000/20000 and i had AQ, i decided to 3bet to 120k with the intention of calling a shove, he insta shoved and i insta called and he had AK and held, i cant help but think that maybe this was a bad spot to 3bet and call the shove and it is the only hand in the whole tournament i regret. I had been constantly calling that player in position to try and outplay him and we had some very interesting blinds battles so i thought he could shove with a wide range if he interpreted this as another shot at bullying him (maybe im right on that read and it was just bad timing for him to show up with AK but maybe not, ill never know)

i ended up finishing in 13th place for about 50 bucks about 20 mins later and it looked like 5 players were going to go to the final table with 1-2 mill chips, so that 800k would have been really nice to have taken to the final table and would have given me a chance to be competitive and make some moves aswell as i always feel like i have an edge at final tables although i have not been at alot in along time.

Anyway thats my disapointing update but i am absolutly determined to win the bigger 3.3 or a similar tournament by the end of this year, that only gives me 14 more shots (assuming my sunday evenings are free)at this 4000 player field so statisticly its long odds but im determined to grind them all out and give it my all so that i can finally have a 4 figure cash and take my bankroll to the next level



Dany Boy NZ