Hi all, its been 13 months since i posted last, i think my last post was about me finally reaching a four figure bankroll and over the last year i have tryed to build it up more while also focusing on improving in other parts of my life such as getting stronger at the gym and i have also moved out of home to try and grow as a person.

Due to these other activitys in my life my progress has been slow but progress is still progress, i work full time now as a dealer at a casino in New Zealand, i have been dealing blackjack but very soon will be dealing poker , i had managed to grind my bankroll up to about 1500 before i handed about 300-400 out as donations at table limits and game types i dont usually play at. which was stupid of me but just the other night i played in "the bigger 3.3" and out of 4000 players i was able to come 4th for just under 700 bucks,

It was a frustrating touny where i would play for an hour or so at 15-25 bb and then id finally get a double up and 20 mins later be back down to 15-25 bb (this must have happened 5-6 times. There was a point in the tournament when i was down to 4 big blinds pretty early on but managed to come back thankfully.

I ended up arriving at the final table with just under 2 million chips out of the 12 mill in play but unfortunatly just 15 mins into the final table i was down to 1mill after a bad beat which cost me about 700k and afew other small pots. I just couldnt seem to get on a solid role of good cards and that player that got lucky againts me and should have been kod in 8th ended up coming 3rd, once we got to 6 handed i actually played quite weak and wish id miced it up abit but at the end of the day $700 was a nice payout but it would have been real nice to have given myself a better shot at the 1900 for first.

Bankroll is now looking healthy and am going to continue to play in tournaments each sunday night and seek that big win soon.