So its done, iv finally reached a four figure bankroll grinded up from 50 or 100 bucks about 9 months ago. It would have taken less time if i hadnt kept needing to cash out but atleast i got there.

The games that i discovered and learnt to beat pretty well  (20% roi) were the 9 man hyper turbos, which i actually think are alot of fun if you play afew at a time as to not get bored I started in the $3.5 games and after about 500 games was up a fair bit and quite excited but nervous at the thought of moving up too 7$ games which is the next level up

Fortunatly the "golden sitngoes" promotion ran around the time i was considering this jump and i decided to take a shot when there would be more players playing who wernt regs, that went well and i beat those games from the get go and have had no need to move back down although i have played afew more 3.5s on the odd occasion when i was having nights where i didnt feel i could take a down swing at the 7s very well.

I am now contimplating taking a shot at the 15$ games but have decided to try learn abit more about how to play in different scenarios on the bubble as i feel i bubble more often than my fair share when i am againts three regs and staks are all about the same. Any tips on that scenario from someone playing higher stakes and winning would be apreciated

Thats all  from me

Dany Boy NZ