Hello all

I am continuing my grind through the micros and trying to build towards a 4 figure bankroll,

I have been playing the odd tournament here and there and actually had a decent cash for about 500 earlier in the year but had to take most of that out to pay for everyday things, which sucked it seems like whenever i build my broll up abit i need to cash out for one thing or another.

Anyway, my main focus over the past month or two has been sitngoes, i have been playing in $3.5 hyperturbos, iv played in Just over 500 of them this year and have gained 350 in that time which has been nice i have had one or two sessions recently trying to move up too $7 hypers but after 20 games am down 3 buyins, no need to panic yet ofcourse but my ev is lower for these games so thats not a good indication.

In regards to sit and goes, i am really looking forwards to the golden sitngoes promotion, or whatever its called cos that looks like it should attract alot more players to sitngoes, and it will be nice to play againts people other than the usual regs i see in every other sitngo im also hoping these new players will make the games more profitable during the promotion but only time will tell

My update on cash games, is not as great as the sitngoes but i am still profiting. Im playing in 5/10c holdem tables and playing anywhere from 6-16 tables at a time depending on how many good ones i can find, i generally only play 16 or more for a short amount of time tho as i am trying to find the best ones and get it my table number down too 8-10 as i am quite comfortable at this amount. In regards to results, i have been playing alot recently due to the milestone hands promotion and i am up about 85 bucks this week having played 5500ish hands and that is only slightly under my allin ev line so seems good

When i was checking my results tho i did find that this year having played 20000 hands at 5/10c that i am nearly 19 buyins ($190) behind my ev allin :/ (the most i have ever been) that hurt alot when i saw that hahah but at least it shows im getting the chips in good, and i guess thats all you can ever hope for

Thats all from me

I hope you enjoyed reading, best of luck at the tables

Dany Boy NZ