Hi all


Its been awhile since i blogged but at the start of feb i mentioned that my bankroll was at 50 dollars after withdrawing and i was going to rediscover my mtt game, thankfully it didnt take long.

I played occasionally over about 3 weeks and maintained my bankroll at about 50 bucks untill on the last day of febuary i ran deep , very deep infact, i played in a 2 dollar mtt which had a gauranteed prizepool of 2.5k and i came 2nd for a tad over 500usd

I felt i played pretty decent the whole night and just waited for others to make mistakes, when there were about 27 players remaining i fell out of the top 5 and thought i was going to miss the final table, then as we neared the final table i became more and more sure of this prediction, then with 14 players left (sitting in 12th position) i had a decent run of cards, one good play and 1 gift from an opponent and before i knew what was going on i was sitting inside the top 3 again and was ready to try and take control of the final table.

At the final table things were quite standard and i just waited for smaller stacks to get eliminated while slowly growing my stak, then at 4 handed i made some brave/crazy plays that won myself alot of dead chips due to the other players being scared of busting outside the top 3. I got fortunate in the bb when i picked up KK and the small blind shoved for 1million chips (theirs 4 mill in the game) i had slightly more chips and obviously made the call, he showed A10 and missed and we were down to the final 3.

Eventually got to heads up and my opponent had aslight chip lead and was playing very aggresive (rightfully so as we were relativly short staked) anyway a hand came up where he straight shoved preflop for about 10-15 bb and i had AQ so called, he had 99 and it was pretty much winner of flip wud win tourny, unforunatly i lost but i did everything i could and am proud of my achievment as it is the biggest cash of my life so far

I have withdrawn alot of the money but have left my self with a more respectable bankroll than the 50 i had before the tournament and am now looking forward to trying to grind out some bigger wins, i gained two $16.50 tournament tickets from winning also as my win got me alot of points in this competition for australasian players so got that as like a bonus prize, am looking forward to playing in those tournaments but not sure when ill have time as for bigger stakes and only two shots at this bigger prize structure id like to play a slow format.

Anyway wish me luck, i hope all is well for everyone else in the poker school, keep up all ur blogs, i love reading about peoples successes


Dany Boy NZ