My last post was called "Just cant crack it" and was about my struggles in 5/10c cash games.

Since then i got a virus on my computer and during a session afew weeks ago my computer crashed and my holdem manager wouldnt restart. So i took a break from poker while my computer was getting fixed (i lost my database of 100,000 hands in the process). During my break i watched alot of videos on the pokerschool about both cashgames and  some torunaments and it really gave me a chance to reflect on mistakes i was making and things i could improve on.

The most helpful videos for me were from Frosty012, <-- this guy is amazing and the way he describes concepts and explains his thought processes is just awsome and has helped me alot and i cant wait for his next tutorials whatever they are about.

Anyway after my week of reflection i  reurned to 5/10c with my $150 Bankroll and knew i would have to move down stakes if i got off to a bad start but quite the opposite occured, just one week later my bankroll has reached just shy of $350 and i feel so confident in the games. I have played 6000 hands this week (half in zoom playing 2 tables at once and half in normal ring games playing 4-6 tables but trying to always eliminate the worst ones so i dont exceed 4 as it is hard to see anymore on my laptop screen ).

I have got acouple of exams coming up over the next few weeks so that may restrict my playing time but as soon as they are over it will be my summer break and i will have the best part of 4 months to try and get a large bankroll and move up the stakes as quickly as i can.

I am hoping to repeat the summer break frosty012 talks about in his video which kickstarted his career but i know my goal is very hard to achive. Only time will tell, i am very excited for the upcoming few months. Fingers crossed i run well, or atleast dont run bad .

Thanks for reading and goodluck at the tables

Dany Boy NZ