My attempted grind up the stakes has come to a pause for the moment, iv moved up too 5/10c and have also been playing 10/25c, as i near the end of the month i am faced with the reality that this will be my first losing month since may, worst of all i know i tilted off more than the amount that im down for the month so the streak could have continued had i not been so silly.

It wasnt the type of tilt where i get a bad beat and blow off a stack as i dont really do that anymore but it was the kind of tilt where for several days i just played bad (i believe due to frustrating sessions and also due to being extremly tierd from working alot) anyway it is safe to say i shudnt have been playing the way i felt and at the end of the month it has cost me and makes me wonder how well i could have done at the stakes if i hadnt tilted. i would have been happy with 1 or 2 bb/100 at these stakes as moving up can be tough and it is clear to me that this transition is alot harder than the transistion from 1/2c to 2/5c.I plan on continuing at 5/10c for another month and then if i beat it and i feel i am ready for the next step then maybe ill regularly b playing 10/25c or even as high as 50c/1$ by christmas

I have been fortunate enough that i am pretty decent at hu hyper sitngos with a roi of 4.4% in these games having played over 800 and so i have kept my bankroll growing ever so slightly  by playing them, I am also trying out 9 man sitngos as i enjoy playng them alot and they are what i started out playing poker at back in the facebook application days . I have only played 13 this week but have got off to a crazy good start with 4 Wins one 2nd placing and two 3rds, may the good run continue , i plan on playing afew hundred of these over the next few weeks and seeing how i go as it will b nice to have a alternative game to play when the cash games get boring.

Anyway thats the update for me

Goodluck at the tables