Hi Guys

I havnt posted in several months now (pretty much since the pokerschool format changed) because to be honest i dont like the layout, anyway iv been continuing my progress thru cash games and am currently at 5/10c /10/25c, i have actually been losing at 5/10c but it has been due to me playing while bored/tierd etc and i have managed to support my bankroll playing hu 7$ hyperturbos.

I just wanted to comment on how much fun it is moving up and i was also wondering if anyone else found 5/10c harder than 10/25c??

In my opinion the 5/10c tables are filled with players who are in some way or another trying to play good, they tend to be either regs who are crushing the limit at a billion tables at a time or players like my self trying to learn the ropes some winning and some losing, sure there is the odd fish but they seem hard to find.

When i compare this to my limited experience at 10/25c it seems like there is atleast 1 or 2 complete gamblers at the good tables and likly another player or 2 who is not very good, almost as if this is the limit in which casual gamblers like to play at as the other stakes are lower and so are treated with much more respect as the players there are trying to play solid poker and are not as interested what the stakes are.

I must add my experience at 10/25c is limited to just under 500 hands (that includes a zoom session) and yes i am aware this is not a good sample size when meausuring progress at all but i have crushed these games my bb/100 was 90 for the zoom session and 34.7 for the normal tables, to more shocking thing about this is that i am not running hot, today i floped a set of 8s with my poket pair which i had called a raise to see a flp with thenwe got abit of muny in on the flop and then  the rest on the turn when my opponent turned a set of Qs and one of my recent sessions i layed down AA on the turn in a three way pot with a straightish board after 3 or 4 raises :/ and i was wrong , that would have been an extra 150-200bb in my pocket, anyway all im trying to say is this level seems incredibly weak and i was wondering if anyone who has played more hands at the level could support or counter my opinion by stating their experiences.


Goodluck at the tables