Just an hour ago i was in one of my first few hu matches for the night (as im taking a short break from cash games just too mix it up abit) first hand of this particular match, againts a new opponent i ended up with all my chips in the middle on the turn with Ad5d on a 587R Qs board againts an opponent who had KK, yikkess, this was not a good spot to be in, infact it was terrible but it turned out to be one of the highest (Un)EV plays i have ever performed. I rivered an ace and my opponent was less than impressed.

I quickly found myself up 2 or 3 buyins and this guy was tilting like i have hardly seen before, he was just putting chips in with bottom pair, gut shots etc, anything that had a chance of sucking out. i added afew comments like "i just had a feeling i was gona hit"( this was after the A5 kk hand) , "im so lucky"(when my AQ allin preflop floped trips againts his AK, which yes is lucky but was a cooler and i was still alright odds to win someway or another)  "wow i just cant miss" lol and i think for about 5 or 6 games he honestly believed i was a real beginner who was just getting lucky, it was obviouse that very quickly he thought that a small bet ment nothing and a big bet ment a huge hand, was really fun to destry him for 12 wins out of 14 matches