Hi guys i just thought id make this quick post to point out the importance of thinking through what you are trying to represent or what your opponent is trying to represent and how much sense it makes.

This first hand was againts an over agressive opponent who clearly was trying to rep the three of a kind, it was very easy for me to rep an ace as i was the preflop agressor but really it didnt make sense for him to have a five. Sure he could have limped with a five but then check raise on a dry board? why would he do that? the awnser... he wanted me to fold, he didnt think about how best to represent the 5 there.

This second hand is almost identicle but this opponent was loose passive and so i was alittle bit more worried, however again this guy check raised on a dry board, that my range was likly to have missed then he bet the turn kinda weak, i decided to shove here because i could rep an over pair, or i gess a ten incase he had an 8 and if he did have an 8 and he called i still had 6 outs going into the river.

Btw its kindof obviouse but if your going to attempt a play like these two previouse hands u have to make sure that when u call the check raise that your opponent isnt going to have an amount where they are likly to shove the next card as that would ruin your play. infact you have to make sure that your opponent will have enough chips behind after they make the turn bet that they can still fold to a raise.
So i gess just know your opponent and think through "would he really play that hand this way"

Also this scenario really only applys to opponents who you catagorize as not thinking thru there plays, some very sophisticated players will raise there three of a kind on a dry board if they think your a thinking player because they realize it wont make sense .

Cheers and goodluck at the tables