So far 2/5c is going great and i have built my bankroll up too about $200 when it was at 150 when i made the transition.

This means i have profited 10 buyins over the space of about 2500 hands its clear to say i am running well my stats for 2/5c are now 21.1bb/100

I am looking forward to this continuing strive upwards, i have the intention of taking a shot at the 10$ games when i have 30 buyins at that level and i have played 10000+ hands at 2/5c with a good bb/100 rate.

To give u a slight indication of how well i have been running, my recent session i ended up just shy of $7 after 359 hands, i made afew mistakes where i staked off where i shud have folded so it wasnt my best session ability wise but interms of hands i recieved it was crazy.
I was delt
AA 4 times ,KK 2 times and AK 6 times all in the space of 359 hands, im not gona lie it feels great to run good, i hope the rush of cards never ends