So iv been grinding out 1/2c for acouple of weeks now since getting my hud (im using holdem manager 2).
Iv been playing alot of Zoom poker aswell as multitabeling at the regular tables as i find these are looser and easier to identify fish as the hud quite quickly makes it clear who the weaker players are and how best to exploit them,

My stats to this point  are 15437 Hands played at Zoom at a rate of 12.37bb/100
and 6822 hands played at regular 1/2c ring games at a rate of 13.08bb/100

iv read online that these rates of bb/100 are pretty good and after 20000 hands in total i think it should be fairly accurate and i believe it is a good indication that i am ready for the step up.

So today i made my first seriouse attempt at 2/5c and it went pretty well, i played 292 hands mostly while 3 tabeling although i did have afew extras open near the start while i was deciding which ones would be most profitable to stay and play at. I ended the session up 194.2bb up which is equal to $9.71 so i was very pleased with this first session but i know i could have just had  a lucky session.

My session ended on a great note, i had been thinking how cool it would be to get AA utg last hand and what i should do if it hapend when it actually did happen :O, so i decided i was going to play it goofy and over agressive, my normal preflop raise is 3x but this time i raised 5x and got 3 callers, flop came 967 or somthing similar and i continued for 70% pot, loose fish called and then a tight player shoved for a total of 2$ and i decided that if hed hit a set it was just to bad and so i called and loose guy called aswell. turn came A and i shoved my last  dollars as didnt want loose guy geting a cheap river and stealing a huge pot with a straight if thats what he was going for, he folded and the guy who was allin showed 1010 so i won a very nice pot to end the session .

Anyway thats my update i would love any feedback, goodluck at the tables