I have been saying for along time that i want to become a winning cash game player as i have only ever done well in tournaments and tend to lose in cash games. I have thought that my main problem is a lack of patience as i would do well but then blow any profits and more near the end of my session.

So recently i decided to play Zoom poker and had a bit of success and found it quite easy to play tight at one table so i thought id give multi tabeling a try (at 1c/2c blinds) , i now play 3/4 tables at a time playing what i consider a tightish style, my stats say i see about 14% of flops so i probably play 16/17% of all hands as afew dont go to a flop.

I think its great that i can get thru 250ish hands perhour per table and i would certainly recomend it to anyone who finds it abit boring just playing one table at normal speed

As far as my results go i have increased my bankroll from 126-158 over just afew days and that is mainly due to zoom with one tournament cash also helping alittle bit.

Anyway thats my update for now, goodluck at the tables