So i just got home from my local pub game and boy what a night.
The way it works down their is that u start with 4k in chips and blinds start at 25/50 and pretty much double every 20 mins for the first hour then every 15 for the second hour and so on so its quite a fast paced game.
Any way id been playing pretty tight as the game which is 2 tables btw consists mostly of calling stations.
Their were 2 interesting hands that came up during the night, one great hand and one shocking.
The first hand occured when blinds were 500/1000 and i had 8k on the button and called to see a flop with 85 of spades after 3 limpers, the flop came 234 rainbow and the loose bluffy player across the table decides to bet 2.2k, i call after 2 other callers with the pot having grown to over 10k, with the intention of seeing the turn and then giving up if i miss. the turn came a 9 and then it got checked around to me, at this point i considered shoving but at this table i am likly to get called by sumone with a pair even if its not the 9, so i check and the river comes a J , it appears that this hand is over for me but then the bluffy player bets 1200 and it gets folded round to me at first i thought fold but the bet just looked so weak to me, i had 5100 behind which would mean he only had to call 3900  for a pot of about 15k that wasnt a good scenario for me either. I thought for awhile and he then did somthing very interesting and which cost him 15k, he began to stare me down as i thought about it and then he out stretched his arm and made it very obviouse that he was showing his hand to his mate who was only sitting in the seat next to him. The classic tell for showing ur hand is that the person has a strong hand but staring somone down is a tell for they want u too fold, so i was very confused, it then struck me that this guy is abit of an actor at the table and i thought he was trying to tell me he had a strong hand by showing his friend and that he wouldnt be consciouse of the fact he was staring me down or that that could b a tell. so i shoved and he tanked and then showed me bottom pair and folded, phew .

Second hand was about 5 hands later im now on about 20k and blinds are the same, the drunk donk to my right goes allin for 3700 out of turn and so is told he will not be able to raise (a rule at the pub) anyway, then the player i had recently bluffed, is kind enough to raise to 3700 for him so he can call, at this point i thought ooo bug hand over there but was also confident that i would know if i floped a decent hand but he was still ahead on the flop. anyway i called with KJ of spades and the flop came JJ3 rainbow, BEAUTY i thought to myself , i checkd, he bet 4k and i called, turn came a Q and now there were 2 diamonds on board, i checked and he checked behind so at this point i decided there was no chance i was behind unless he just turned a fullhouse with QQ but unlikly as he probly wud have bet this as i believe it was obviouse i had a Jack, anyway river was a King :-D , i decided i was gona try look like i was bluffing again as he would call with so many hands in this spot, so i bet 8k of my 11k remaining and he snapraises me allin, im shocked to hear it but still cant think what he would have to beat me and im never folding for just 3k (3 BB) behind there so i call and he flips over KK what a cooler worst river card i have seen at pub poker ever .Anyway just thought i would share as i enjoy reading other peoples live storys also i hate hearing how online poker is rigged so thought id show it happens live aswell :-D .
I hope you enjoyed it