ARRRRR i had a huge update typed out then accedentally hit the backspace button and that took me off this page and deleted it lol. so here we go again.

I havnt blogged in awhile, pretty much because i have had little to talk about as i tryed to rebuild my bankroll after withdrawing it sumtime ago for personal reasons. I am now back up to 160ish which is a nice launching pad for bigger and better thingds as far as im concerned.
i have built it up mainly by playing 5/10c then 10/20c and most recently 25/50c FL holdem 6 max ring games. I know that i only have 300 BB (iv heard i shud have 500) but i feel i have abig enough egde on the field that this does not bother me.
Other than the limit holdem games i have been playing in many 3.5 hyper turbos heads up which i have loved ever since i use to play on very similar games on fulltilt with much success as many people did not seem to appreciate the value on each blind when both stacks are short and also did not seem to understand the value of weak aces or king/queen high hands.
I have also been playing in afew micro tournys but these have been awaste of time/money as i have not been playing my best and sumtimes have just been playing absolutly appauling.
I dont seem to have the same hunger for trying to outclass my opponents as i use to and certainly am not trusting my reads as much but i am hoping this will correct itself with time.
Neway in other news i have been silverstar back to back months for the first time in my life this month and last and am hopin to make it three in arow this month .
I am hoping to move up to goldstar in the future but the leap is huge as i am only just achieveing silver star by going on some long grinds in the last week of the month. I currently can only play 2 tables profitably at a time unless one or both is extremly weak then i may add a third but that is rare. When i trialed a HUD i was able to play 6 or 7 tables profitably and at that pace the FPP and profits are accumulated at a very fast pace so i am certainly considering buying one soon. Any suggestions for ones that are worth getting? i would love to hear your opinions and any feedback on the rest  of the post