In the past few weeks i have been going for many grinds at the fl tables blinds of 10/20 most of the time, occasionally deviating to 8game 20/40 just to mix it up abit.
I have found that i am able to scrape together a profit on average, not a big one but a profit non the less. However that is not what i was wanting to discuss.
In the past few days i have noticed an enourmouse increase in the number of players playing cash games due to the milestone thing that is  running.
These games are so soft and it amazes me how so many of the players do not seem to have anyidea what a proper limit stratagy is, tbh im not even sure that i have a great stratagy but i am able to beat these guys neway.
I would advise anyone who wants to build up a micro bankroll to learn the basics of limit holdem and then jump on in and take your shot at the easy money that is available right now.
Find those calling stations and value bet them to death, believe me some of the calls u see at the river will amaze you, today i was playing a player that i knew i could value bet an ace high no pair hand againts lol and i promise hes not the only one who does similar.
Neway gl at the tables, btw a tip i will add is, check out how many tables each player is playing at when u sit down at the table, if hes 8 tabling his fundamentals are probs good and hes probably relativly tight, so when he three bets u and u have a weakish top pair throw it away and u will save your self alot of bets
If the guy is one tabling and seems to be calling alot, check out what hes showing down he might just b the calling station u have been looking for