the title sums it up, i havnt been getting much luck butmost of all iv been playing bad.
Im not really sure y but its almost like a prolonged tilting session, i just seem to be throwing my money away, soooo many senarios where i have been sure im beaten and called (kindof out of annouance that they made thier flush on the river or similar)
Does anybody else find them selves doing this? im not a bad player and this isnt normall behaviour at all for me.
It has probably added to my frustration that i still cant beat 1/2c cash games well i kindof can and i kindof cant, i play my sessions prety well and as i near the end of the 100 hands i plan on playing or time period i plan on playing i go for some stupid crazy bluff move or hero call so annoying .
Neway tonite i am going back to my tournament roots and playing the saturday micro, it is the first time i have played this in along time as it starts at 1am in new zealand .Hopfully i will still be init and able to focus at around lunchtime which is when it seems to end .
Wish me luck
Please feel free to comment all comments are apreciated, looking over this message i feel i have described a complete donk who suks at poker haha but i know this isnt the case and it is just a period im going thru, really weird tho