Last time i built my bankroll up from 10 dollars, and finished on about 400 after a month or two  and had to withdraw it
I grinded alittle but my real success came from final tabling in a large field in a 1 dollar tourny.
I am pleased that i am profitable in tournaments and have won afew in my life but i am so fed up with being a losing cah game player so this journy is going to be one where i turn my 50 dollar bankroll into alot more by only playing in ring games
Most will be Nl Holdem 1/2c (if i find that i am able to win consistantly i am going to teach my self to multitable, so far i have only been able to do this in fl games 3-4 tables)
But i may also play in some limit 5/10c or razz 4/8c
Wish me luck, the grind shall be long