I was just playing on another site in a 6 seater sitngo when i managed to get a physical read/tell off of my opponent, on the site i was plaing you are a human avatar and u can move him/her, on this site you can not see your cards unless you click on them, when you do this your player looks at your cards and so u see them.
Neway it appears that the same live tells where players look at thier hole cards also apply online
What happend was i noticed that the other big stak (we were both on about 3.5k with 9k total chips at the table) tended to recheck his whole cards if he caught some kind of draw or a pair weaker than top pair, this was the case almost everyhand he showed down, neway so with 4 players remaining he limped on my bb and i had 34, the flop came a beautiful 256 and i decided i wud min bet into our pot of 3bb whch was a 450 chip pot, he min reraised me and the other player folded, at this point it occured to me that he hadnt checked his whole cards the whole time and this made me think he was very strong and had the sort of hand that you dont need to recheck, eg a big pair or maybe a set, so i reraised to 600 which was 4bb and he shoved , i called he had KK and never caught up.
Im not saying this read got the chips in the middle but it certainly felt cool being super sure he wasnt bluffing and therefore i was able to 4 bet him with no risk in my mind of scaring away a bluff.

Just thought id share
Btw if you like the thort of occasionally spoting somthing in a live game in terms of a physical tell, a great book to read is Mike Caros poker book of tells.
Hope you enjoy it it was pretty usful to me.