I just finished a little session of Heads up hyper turbos $3.5 buyin.
I won 11 straight and then lost my last one
This all took about an hour and a half and so is quite a nice hourly rate .
Afew updates about my bankroll while im here.
After my recent final table i posted about being up to 300, i cashed out abit and left my self with a nice 150 to build back up with
After afew small winning sessions and this recent one i am now back up too 200 just 2 or 3 days later . i hope this spree continues and that i also regain my desire to play quality mtt poker as to night i played rubbish.
I am planing to satalite into the sunday million 6th anniversary soon, 1million dollars for first place is just so amazing, obviously that is life changing money especially for a 19 year old student . If i get in it would be myfirst big tournament. What a day it would be if i could run deep and maybe even win
Neway ill keep u updated
Good Luck at the tables