So iv come to realise i would probably be a winning cash game nl holdem player if i didnt always seem to blow my winnings on some crazy bluff 5 or 10 mins before i planed to end my session, i dont seem to make these moves at any other point in my session so i dont know why i do it but i guess i must relax abit.
It is weird being a loser at nl holdem because i am profitable in tournaments and have won several.

I decided i would give FL ring games at larger stakes a try, so i played 25/50c i got off to a bad start down 6 buks in about 17 hands but then i started getting the hang of it and kept making good plays but still going further and further into the red, i went as far down as $18 which was a strain on my bankroll for sure, but i knew i just kept getting unluky, there were about 3 large pots were i was ahead untill the river and then some donky playing the hand with just afew outs and hit, an example of this was when i had QQ and i raised from early position it got caped preflop and alot of raising on flop and turn but one of the blinds had called with A8 and rivered a runner runner straight draw, that pot was worth about 12$ if i remember correctly and i had been ahead untill that river card.
Neway i continued to grind and started piking up some hands that held and also hitting draws and ended my 200+ hand session up $5 haha, i know its not a great return but after battling through such a hard session im pleased, i know if the cards had been alittle bit nicer to me i could have ended this session with a very large profit so icertainly feel i over came the odds by continuing to play the right way.
Also after those bad beats i cant blow off my stak like i mite in NL